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Some Ideas about Pastel + Pixel

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

I am obsessed with a style recently, trying to design various Pastel + Pixel works. The Pastel style, reminding me of the 19th-century Impressionist artist Edgar Degas' ballerina, and the Pixel style is going back to the Retro Game of the 1980s. The combination of these two styles feels nostalgic, energetic, and romantic.

When I first started artwork with a computer, I began to do pixel art with Photoshop. Today I just found a pixel work (StarCraft II Pixel Art) from ten years ago when I organized my files. Back then, because I liked the game so much, I spent a lot of time playing it and drew this pixel art with beginner skills.

StarCraft II Pixel Art by Yi Han
StarCraft II Pixel Art

Then I started learning Illustrator and Sketch. I have been thinking about presenting virtual and beautiful things in physical form in daily life. So I started turning my designs into merchandise.

Pastel Pixel Donuts by Yi Han
Pastel Pixel Donuts

My latest project is Pastel + Pixel works, including necklaces, bag Charm/key chain, and art print. And I hope that my work can make people feel the joy of childhood and the romance of the moment.

Love U 100% Pastel Pixel Bears by Yi Han
Love U 100% Pastel Pixel Bears

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