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DesignerCon 2021 X Yi Han Design

DesignerCon 2021 X Yi Han Design
DesignerCon 2021 X Yi Han Design

I am so excited and honored that I am going to attend DesignerCon this month, November 12th - 14th, as a vendor.

"DesignerCon is an annual art and design convention that smashes together collectible toys, customs, plush, designer apparel and so much more with urban, underground and pop art! We are a celebration of all aspects from the world of design." -- DesignerCon

For more information, please visit:

The location is Anaheim Convention Center , Exhibit Hall C & D, 800 W. Katella Avenue, Anaheim CA 92802.

It is a small milestone for me to be able to participate in this event. It's not only because this is an excellent platform to display my works; more importantly, I also have the opportunity to communicate with other outstanding artists and the first-hand feedback from customers.

Back in early 2020, I started the idea of making a personal website to archive my designs. It took three months from choosing the primary colors and fonts to the official launch. I have been designing icons and instant messaging stickers, inspired by the simple, beautiful things in daily life. One day I tried to make them into enamel pins, t-shirts, and so on. I guess someone will have them like me and can feel some simple little happiness. After six months, I sold the first item. Later, I have more and more customers, and I have received many valuable reviews. Then later, I successfully obtained a registered trademark YIHAN®.

I have always believed that this matter is not only an aesthetic but also a philosophy of life. Even on difficult and dark days, what can help you is the things you believe in, the good things, and the things you like.

Prickly Pear by the Sea
Prickly Pear by the Sea

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